Wise and Wonderful Woman's Soul Cafe

Online support group for women with partners who have aspergers syndrome.

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Is this you?

  • Ever wanted to sit with friends, coffee in hand and share your story?
  • Yearn to feel understood, valued, heard and seen?
  • Find positive solutions to the problems in your relationship.
  • Gain support you just can't find elsewhere.
  • Find it hard to explain just what is wrong, but you know something is?
  • Your friends and family keep telling you that you should leave....
  • Feel so exhausted and overwhelmed, it is hard to see anything can change....
  • Your body is starting to show signs of chronic stress, yet you feel stuck, unable to make any changes.

You have come to the right place! This secure online support group is a place where you can share your story, meet new friends, and find support and understanding as you navigate the very deep and sometimes murky waters of NT/AS relationship.

You will meet others who completely understand where you are coming from, and what your life is like.

All from your computer or tablet or even your phone!

Ongoing support from a community of women who understand! This online support group is hosted through Meetup, and so you will get to meet new friends from around the world.

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Meet and talk with women from all over the world , with a common thread – they live with and love someone with Aspergers syndrome or ASD.

Join our growing community of like-minded women.

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By the way, there is NO joining fee.

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