About me

About me

I’m a personal development junkie from way back, and I love to dig deep with you on what makes you tick, and tease apart all the bits to help you change how you think and how you live your life.

As the Mum of my adult daughter with high needs autism, I have learned to advocate for her in a world that does not understand the stresses of living with such profound disability. Throughout my adult life, I have struggled with self-doubt, intermittent depression and overwhelm as I have continually tried to juggle all the balls of my family’s lives.

I’m a trained coach, Reiki and NLP practitioner, with background as a practice nurse. I love traveling and have lived in various places through my life, the highlight being 9 months in 2012-13 in a small town in rural Egypt, when my husband was working in an Egyptian goldmine, all the while supporting my adult daughter who has high needs autism. Obviously, a huge challenge, and extraordinarily satisfying to look back on. While many may think this is entirely mad, these experiences have cemented my philosophy that life is what you choose to create, and nothing (except your own thinking!) will stop you if you want something badly enough!

Autism brings challenges

Living with autism in the family has needed lots of adjustment, brought plenty of heartache as well as lots of joy and a fair amount of laughter.  I have learned to see value in the smallest achievements, and know that its ok to be different in a world that often does not celebrate difference.

After several life shattering events occurred in my life, I knew that somehow, something needed to change or I would not survive. The sudden loss of my Mum, and the continuous day to day grind of caring for someone with a profound disability, made me see I had lost myself,  forgotten who I was, more importantly, I felt invisible, unheard and unseen.

Louise Hay’s teachings have helped me uncover who I am, and taught me the all important lesson of loving the self.

Training to be a Louise Hay Licensed teacher and workshop leader has reinforced to me, Louise’s amazing life changing message of self-love and self-care.

I believe life is about learning to live joyously, even with the challenges. It is crucial to surround ourselves with the people who love and support us, and learn ways of living that allow us to be the best we can be.

‘Self-approval and self-acceptance in the ‘now’, are the keys to positive changes.’ Louise Hay

So to a new adventure

At the end of 2017 my life again was changed in incredible ways when I was introduced to the world of Doterra Essential Oils. I bought my first kit and started using the oils, both for myself and for my daughter. The incredibly powerful way the oils have helped us, convinced me that I need to share these ‘gifts of the earth’ with others so I decided to jump in boots and all and start my own Doterra Business!

I teach you how to unlock the power of your mind to change your life in so many wonderful ways.

I teach you how to find the joy in your life when you may have forgotten how.

I teach you to use Essential oils and other natural solutions to support yourself emotionally physically and spiritually, so you can tap into your natural gifts.

I teach people just like you how easy it can be to reduce the toxicity in your environment, to enhance your health and energy, live a more healthy life using natural wellness products.

Find out more about Doterra Essential Oils here

‘Courage, connection and compassion are my touchstones’  – Julie Rowlands