What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the pure aromatic compounds extracted from plants, (bark, roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds).

If you have smelled a rose or walked in a pine forest you will have noticed the aroma of these compounds.

They are 50 - 70 times more powerful than herbs and are nature's defense mechanism for the plants and cells. They are highly concentrated, very potent, cost effective and safe for all the family.

These compounds do not replace traditional medication however they provide a natural, safe alternative to commonly used medicine.

These oils have truly changed my life and the lives of my family in so many positive ways!


Home Essentials Kit


Why DoTERRA Essential Oils?

For me it is about the safety, the quality and affordability of these oils.

  • doTerra has established a standard of purity CPTG (Certified Pure Tested Grade)
  • Plants are grown and oils harvested in their natural environment.
  • Each batch undergoes multiple third party testing the ensure purity.
  • Plants produce essential oils to fight threats such as mold fungus, viruses and bacteria.
  • Essential oils can penetrate the cell membrane and eliminate threats.
  • only cents per drop vs costly fee and prescriptions.

I also love that DoTerra is committed to a co impact sourcing model, and supports the sustainable harvesting of the plants as well as ongoing support of the communities where that plants are grown.

Watch the video below for more about this.

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