Introduction to DoTERRA Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are nature’s defence mechanisms. Essential oils are found in the seeds bark,stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. Can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications

Highly concentrated

Magnified image of tiny Peppermint Oil sac on the mint leaf.

1 drop of Doterra peppermint oil = drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea


DoTerra has established a reputation based on quality essential oils

Plants are grown and oils harvested in their natural habitat, so are naturally more potent and efficacious.

DoTerra Essential Oils are CTPG Certified Pure Tested Grade.

No fillers, additives, no pesticides or other artificial nasties.

Each batch undergoes multiple third party tests for purity.

There are 3 ways to use Essential Oils,


Essential Oils when diffused or inhaled can be very stimulating, calming or soothing. Diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air.


Essential oils can be safely applied for massage or topical benefit when diluted with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil.


Certain essential oils can be added to food and beverages to enhance flavour.

How to start using these beautiful Oils?

There are 3 ways to get started with Doterra Essential Oils.

The first is by buying retail… No you don’t want to do that cos the best way is to jump to the 2nd way!

Get a starter kit!

How it works is that you can buy a starter kit with the Top Ten most popular oils, (that every home needs,)

Either a big bottle kit – $365 NZ

Home Essentials Kit (15 ml bottles + Petal Diffuser)

or a small bottle kit – $195 NZ

Family Essentials kit (5 ml bottles + smart and sassy)

Both come with a FREE wholesale account which means you can then order more oils at 25% off retail!

Both these kits come with lots of other cool options including:

  • FREE 45 minute wellness consult with me, or one of my team, where I teach you the Oily Basics that you need to get started.
  • FREE goody bag with lots of yummy goodies to get you started and show you what is possible.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to support your learning about oils
  • The option to earn FREE reward points and Free stuff!

All the oils in these kits and the other kits that are available, will get you started on your Oily journey where you can start to use Essential Oils support your wellness and support yourself and your family.

I cannot wait to teach you the basics to get you started.

Are you ready to take the step that could change your life?

Lets do this! Join me and thousands of others who are choosing natural and powerful alternatives to support their families health and wellness needs.

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