Extraordinary Self Care for YOU!

Extraordinary Self Care for you!


I have learned from personal experience the importance of focusing on my own self care, and here is where I get to share some of the gems I have learned.

After becoming burned out, depressed and overwhelmed after years of caring for my adult daughter who has high needs autism, I realised that if I was to survive, mentally and physically, I needed to learn better ways to look after myself.

I began a journey to learn in my heart, what I had learned intellectually, but not really put into practice!

Throughout my daughter’s life, I have been determined to support her to be the best she could be, and in that process, I tried to do everything myself. In effect I put everyone else’s needs first and basically lost myself in the process. Very common for Mums, especially when you have special needs child.

Here today I want share with you some of the tips and tools I have learned that have helped me to become the Wise and Wonderful Woman I am today! (wink)

So what is Extraordinary self-care??

For me It has become when we prioritise what is important to us, put ourselves at the top of the list, and make sure we are ok.

Wait! Isn’t that being selfish?

Nooooo!!!, in our society we are often made to feel bad or wrong, if we put our own needs before those of our family friends and sometimes even the dog!

I have learned that unless you do take care of you, there often is no -one else there to pick up the pieces when you fall apart.

So why do we need to practice extraordinary self care??

The benefits of extraordinary self-care are huge, here are some of the main ones:

  • We are more able to help others around us because we have more energy
  • We are able to commit to things we believe in
  • We feel less overwhelmed and stressed
  • We make better choices
  • We become more healthy
  • We learn to tell the truth to ourselves
  • We learn to say no in healthy ways
  • We feel more in control of our destiny

So how we to get started?

I suggest that you pick one thing of the list below and practice it until it becomes habit, then move to the next one.

My view is always:set yourself up to win!

Watch the video below where I talk more about how to do this


(In the interests of those who seek perfection, please note, this is not where you will find it, I have published this video despite the obvious blips, to show you that I am definitely not striving for perfection, and that is ok for me, this is me being the imperfect soul I am 🙂 )


Top tips for Extraordinary Self Care

  1. Non-negotiable rituals. Create some rituals or habits that are non negotiable, and that support you to live your best most conscious life. For example you could try-  mirror work, meditation, yoga, walking, EFT(emotional freedom Technique) or tapping to name a few.
  2. Boundaries. Create a set of rules that define what you no longer will accept in your life. For example, limit negative behaviours around you, or allow toxic people who drain your energy, in your life. Its ok to say no to something you don’t want to do.  Explore the thinking patterns that sabotage you, and make you feel bad, and change them. It really can be that simple. Awareness is the key.
  3. Make time for leisure. Remind yourself of the things you love or did love before you got so overwhelmed, and create space in your schedule for ‘Me time’..Often people say they are so busy and don’t have time, my answer to that is you can always take 10 minutes. Even 10 minutes is enough to give yourself a break.
  4. Health and wellness – Have a look at your diet, are you eating healthy foods? What about your exercise routine? Got one? if not consider starting something that is achievable, perhaps a daily walk around the block or take the kids to the park. Make time.
  5. Ask for support. We are often afraid to ask for support because that could be a sign of weakness, and means that we are not coping and are somehow failing. Not so, in fact it is actually a sign of strength to know when to ask for help and to accept it. Success people will often tell you that part of their success is being part of a group of like minded people.
  6. Journal writing. This is a very useful tool in my world, and without it I think I would have gone bonkers long ago. There is something very healing and powerful about getting the thoughts out of my head and down on paper. It may not end up sounding coherent or clear, however just the act of writing for me certainly helps me feel more rational and calm. It is also a great way to document your life’s journey, for those of us who like to review how far we have come!
  7. Close friendships. Sometimes it is hard to maintain close friendships when life is so busy, Prioritise time with your bestie. Having that emotional support is crucial to keeping you healthy and whole.

With all these ideas it is about deciding to change and creating a plan to get there, as I said, set yourself up to win.

For more on learning how to be wise and wonderful and use some of the tips I share, contact me

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