It’s an inside job! Love yourself first!

It is an inside job – Love yourself first!

Learning to love yourself first, has to be number one priority, if you want to connect with others, love and be loved.

There is an old saying ” you can’t love someone else, until you love yourself” I think this isĀ  very true,and for me, the older I get the more true this feels.

The question for me was, how can you love yourself, how do you accept yourself if your whole life you have felt like you are not enough?

That somehow you are flawed?

That you have always been afraid that someone will notice and call you out and someone will finally see the truth?

How do you deal with that one?

You hide who you really are, around family and friends,telling yourself you need to be a certain way to get their approval and never quite getting it what ever you do.

You feel like you are always trying to do the ‘right thing’ be the ‘nice girl’ in order to have people to like you but somehow, in the process you lose yourself more and more.

After a while it feels like you don’t know yourself anymore. You rely on others to tell you how you should feel, what to think and if that doesn’t happen then you endlessly try to get validation and approval from who ever will give it to you.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes, the universe tries to tell us things, and often we don’t hear or understand what it is trying to say. we continue on doing the same stuff the same way, until the messages get more insistent….

the message might be illness, or relationship breakup, or a loss of some kind.

For me the message was finally heard when I realised that I was so unhappy with my life that I knew I needed to change it or I would not be able to continue.

So finally I listened, and learned.

The lesson? The lesson for me was ‘ Put yourself first, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.’

Learning ways to love yourself can be tricky at first, because you are not used to thinking that way, It is so unfamiliar.

I like to think of it as being your own best friend. Doing the things for yourself that you would do for your bestie.

This list is the abbreviated from the work of our beautiful Louise Hay, and is found in her best-selling book, “Heal your Life.”

I suggest you pick one and practice it until it is second nature, then onward till you have all of them as new habits

  • Stop all criticism
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Don’t scare yourself.
  • Be gentle and kind and patient.
  • Be kind to your mind
  • Praise yourself
  • Support yourself.
  • Be loving to your negatives.
  • Take care of your body.
  • Mirror work.
  • Have Fun!

No matter who you are, if you take these tips and work on them, your life will improve, as you learn new ways to live.

Till next time,

With love

Julie x

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