When I loved myself enough… snippets from Kim Mc Millan’s best selling book

When I loved myself enough..

‘When I loved myself enough’… by Kim Mc Millan is a beautiful little book filled messages of love shared by the author, as she shares her insights about learning to love herself ‘enough’.

Most of us struggle with feeling like we are enough, we second guess ourselves constantly, we struggle with fear and self doubt, usually causing us great stress and anxiety.

Looking outside ourselves for validation leads to pain

We constantly look for the validation and acknowledgment that we are ok, from outside of ourselves and from others around us. Sometimes if we’re lucky ,we get this acknowledgment, however often it’s not forthcoming in the way we want or need. This leads us down the road of anxiety and stress, and even depression as we are feel we are always striving to get the approval we crave to make us feel ‘enough’.

We are ok

Once we realise that in fact we are ok, We are enough, we are lovable, we are absolutely wonderful just as we are, life changes.

The simple fact is… when you love yourself enough, life does change, things that seemed so important before, are no longer that way, and the little things that we missed as we were striving for approval, come out to make our hearts burst with love and gratitude.

Watch the video I have created for you below and enjoy the little snippets from this profound little book. I Loved it, and I hope you will too.

My burgeoning love for Essential Oils!

I have made some wonderful discoveries lately..I’ll give you a hint…

They smell divine, they come in small bottles, and have added joy and delight to my life!

I have learned how to include natural plant based essential oils in my life and share with others who also want to support their health and wellness in a natural way.

My life has changed significantly with the addition of Do Terra Essential Oils to my life. So… I will share more soon, however if you are interested to learn more visit my DoTerra website

Until next time

Stay wonderful!

Julie x

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