Simple tip to change your life

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Simple tip to change your life

Today while out walking, I created this short video to share the simple tip that has changed my life.

You are amazing right?

How does that feel when you read that? I suspect that the majority of people who hear that will straight-way be saying – NOOOO! that is not true!

Let me explain.

I believe wholeheartedly that we are all amazing, we all deserve love, joy and fulfillment in our lives.

We are all lovable and deserve love. Right?

Sometimes though, it can be a little difficult to believe this statement, especially if people around you, the people closest to you, do not validate you, do not acknowledge or reinforce this belief for you. (For what ever reason!)  So you are left wondering, how could this be true, when you do not feel it? or do not see it reflected in the people closest to you?

So here’s the truth as I know it…

You must learn to believe this for yourself. You must learn change your thinking and sidestep the doubters, ( even yourself!) and to tell yourself every single day, that you are perfect just the way you are, and you are AMAZING!

Do it every day , while looking in the mirror, while you comb your hair, clean your teeth, put on your makeup….

Say it with me now, I Love YOU! You are amazing, I am proud of you!

Speak as you would to your bestie and notice how you feel.

Practice Practice Practice – for the first wee while it will feel strange and possibly uncomfortable, so you keep doing it, and I promise you will be amazed at the results –

So listen to the short video I created while out walking and learn how this simple tip will change your life.

With Love

Julie x


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