Skype Coaching with Julie

Lets get started toward creating the 'Life of your Dreams'....

Introducing - Julie Rowlands Licensed 'Heal Your Life' Teacher and Health and Wellness Coach for Wise and Wonderful Women

What are the benefits of a coaching partnership with Julie?

  • Better communication - Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Clarity - become really clear on what you want
  • Focus- know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals
  • Increased confidence and self belief - you will know yourself better
  • Less stress - learn better ways to deal with stress in your life
  • Motivated - know what it takes to get what you want.
  • An accountability partner - someone who is on your side

Two 45 Minute Coaching Sessions with Julie

  • Only $99 per month!
  • No joining or cancellation fees.
  • Secure online payment options including PayPal available.

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    FAQ's +

    How many sessions do I get per month?

    You get two 45 minute coaching sessions via skype for $99 USD per month

    What if I want to cancel my payment?

    You can cancel by advising me directly.

    What if I don't have Skype?

    You can download skype for your computer or tablet here

    How do I pay for my coaching?

    You can pay in any currency using the internationally trusted and secure payment system of Paypal.

    Your credit card details are safe and secure and you can cancel at anytime.

    What happens after I have paid?

    You will be directed to an online booking system where you can easily book your sessions,


    Can I pay in my own currency?

    Yes - you can convert to your currency in the Paypal system.

    What if I have other questions?

    I am very happy to answer any questions you may have about coaching, via email