Forgiveness – a gift to yourself

‘How can I forgive when it still hurts so much’?

You know how sometimes it feels so hard to forgive someone who has hurt you, or treated you badly? Or how difficult it is to get over something that you feel has made your life so much harder? You feel so justified in your anger, so self righteous with your pain and anguish, and so upset over whatever the incident is that has caused you so much grief? This can be especially challenging, if you have been hurt repeatedly and this is just another incident that has added to your pain.

Anger and frustration become ‘stuck energy’, and you can’t seem to let them go no matter how hard you try. You find yourself mulling over the incident or the ‘story’ of what happened, and with each telling the pain is worse.

I know how that feels, as I also have felt like that at different times in my life. I know the pain of rejection and the pain of feeling like you will never ever be able to move on from this overwhelming feeling of hurt and upset. You go round and round in circles and end up feeling worse and worse.

What I also know is that long term anger and resentment is destructive if not addressed.

Our emotions are neither good or bad, they are what they are, it is how we deal with them that causes problems.

For example, If you don’t deal with your anger in appropriate ways and keep stuffing it down or away,  it eats away at you from the inside out, and eventually, (speaking from my own experience) comes back to bite you on the backside, often in the form of depression and anxiety or stress related illnesses.

So what is the solution?

The solution sounds simple although it truly can be one of the most difficult lessons we have to learn.

The solution is forgiveness.

  • forgive the person who hurt you,
  • forgive the situation that occurred and continues to cause you pain.
  • forgive yourself

As Louise Hay says in her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, ‘forgiveness is about setting yourself free, because, by holding on to resentment and anger we only hurt ourselves. No matter how justified we feel we are to have our resentments and hatreds it still hurts us. We cannot bring good into our worn lives as long as we are sitting in our prisons of self-righteous resentment.

For our spiritual growth we must rise about our need to stay hurt and let go of the past.

Forgiveness is truly a gift to yourself. And miracles happen when we forgive or are willing to forgive.’

Below you can listen to Louise sharing a wonderful meditation that will guide you through an exercise which will help you to release old anger and hurt and move on to forgiveness.

I love this gift from Louise, it truly is powerful and healing meditation, and I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Take the time to listen, and notice how wonderful you feel at the end.

Until next time

Julie x


Fear Busting for Wise and Wonderful Women

Hello Wise and Wonderful Woman

Lets look at some Simple Fear Busting for Wise and Wonderful Women just like you!

The Big F word, is sometimes what stops us in so many areas of our lives.

In this video I talk about 3 things you can do to beat fear and get yourself in a motivated space to achieve your goals.

I also talk about a simple acronym you can use, to help you to step over your fear, and surge ahead with the power just bursting to get out!

What is your biggest fear?

You might be surprised to hear that others have the same fears and worries, and that in fact you are not alone, weird or strange.

Sometimes just voicing your fear can be hugely liberating.

It can shift the grip that the hidden fear has on your heart and help you to move forward.

with that in mind I thought I would be crystal clear and share my one of biggest fears….

I am terrified that someone will come along and realise that I really am the twerp I sometimes think I am!

I’m basically an ‘extroverted introvert’!! if that makes sense, and so doing a video, and talking about what I know to be true is pretty scary, and while it is in no way perfect, I am doing it, and for me that is huge.

there you are, I told you mine, now its your turn…

Watch the video, and if you feel inclined,

I would love to hear your thoughts,

so drop me a comment in the box below.

Be kind though, as I am new to this 🙂

Love and light

Julie x

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The universe is trying to tell you something, are you listening?

This morning I had a revelation, not exactly an earth shattering or life changing one, however it made perfect sense to me once I realised what had happened.

I thought I would share it with you, as maybe it may resonate with you in your life.

A few weeks ago I had bought a new journal. As you may know I love my journal, it really is my bestie, in lots of ways, the keeper of my secrets, and my ‘channel to calm’.

stevepb / Pixabay

Usually I feel completely at ease when I am writing, I have my purple pen at the ready and away I go.

Not this time!

This time it felt uncomfortable, the book itself felt too thick, the pages were stiff and the paper didn’t feel right when I started to write.

All this even though I had examined it carefully before I bought it, and thought at the time, ‘it will do!’

I had persevered for a number of weeks, ( yes weeks! I am a patient person lol) until today, after writing my Morning Pages (The Artist’s Way Julia Cameron) when I noticed my hand was creaking, my wrist was sore and I thought enough is enough!

The universe was telling me but of course I did not hear until it started shouting!

I dragged out a half used old journal with empty pages, ( Same as my old ones!) I was off, it felt so comfortable, safe and so much easier to write!

Now as I said earlier, while this is hardly a life changing revelation, for me, it really made me think about how often we tend to persist with things we know are just not right for us.

We continue to work with something that is obviously flawed, broken or plain wrong.

What stops us from changing to make life better for ourselves?

I think there are lots of reasons!

Here are a few that may be true for you, how many do you say yes to?

  • Fear – the big one that stops us in our tracks.
  • Cost, either emotional or financial, physical depending on what you want to change.
  • Complacency,usually it is much easier not to change,
  • Concern about what others will think. Will you be judged unfairly, laughed at?

With this in mind, my question for you today is:

Where in your life are you persisting with something that is not working?

What is one thing you will do from today to change that?

Drop me a line in the comments box below.

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