My Big Why!

I am passionate about sharing information that will help support and empower you to access the best supports for your young adult with a disability.

As a parent of a young woman on the autism spectrum I am passionately interested in resources that have helped me to navigate the ‘system’ and ensure that she is supported in the best way possible for her.

My intention for this page is to provide links to websites that will help you to find the support and guide you to the correct information you need to access the right support for your young adult with a disability.

It is beyond the scope of this page to discuss in depth the options available, however I hope that the information provided here will allow you to start the journey that you need to begin now!

As a Partner Advisor for Imagine Better, I am available to talk with you about of the some of the options available to you so if this is something you would be interested in, contact me here

I am constantly surprised by the lack of consistent information available to parents who have a young adult with a disability. While the child is at school (whether in a mainstream school or in a specialised unit,) it can be easy to not to think about what will happen when they are at school leaving age.The day to day stress of living with a child and later, a young adult with a disability is huge, and cannot be dismissed lightly. Sometimes just getting through the day is a big achievement, never  mind thinking or planning for the future.

I understand this as I have been there myself and the terrifying reality is that the options dwindle and sometimes even disappear, depending on whereabouts in the country you live.

The key to navigating this time successfully is to start early, talk to people who have been there, and to plan, plan plan!

Listed below are some useful links for you to get started.

Imagine Better

Imagine Better offers information, advice, planning support, mentoring and events for disabled people, families and organisations.

Disability Connect

Disability Connect provides resources and information for families raising a child with a disability.

Ministry of Health

Here you will find information about supports available for people with disabilities.

Enabling Good Lives

EGL is the newest manifestation of the government ‘transformation’ of disability support services. This is set to be rolled out over the next few years in NZ. It is aimed at providing a more collaborative approach to disability support, and focuses on the person with a disability being more able to access their own community, and having an ‘ordinary life’.

Individualised Funding (IF)

Individualised funding is a way which people with a disability (or their agent, often the parent) can manage their funding directly, and have more say in how they live their lives.

Needs Assessment and Coordination Services

If the person with a disability is eligible for support, then the first step is to contact the local Needs assessment and Coordination Service (NASC) to have a needs assessment. This is a comprehensive assessment which will identify the specific needs of the person with the disability and so the specific support can be allocated.

Manawanui in Charge

Manawanui in Charge is an organisation which is called a Host Provider of IF. There are others in different areas of the country. They provide resources and support for people who are using IF. They provide payroll services and employer/employee information to help manage the funding allocated.