What the heck has Julie been up to?

H and welcome, Its been a little while!

Life has changed!

Life has changed quite a lot for me, and I want to share a bit of what has been happening for me, right here.

At the end of last year I started hearing via blogs and social media, that the amazing Leonie Dawson (author, entrepreneur and all round cool chick!) had started a DoTERRA essential oils business!

At first I was pretty skeptical, however after doing a bit of my own research, I decided, if Leonie is doing this, it must be a great idea, and so I jumped in boots and all!

Since then I have been flat out learning lots of new stuff, setting up my own DoTERRA business and sharing the oils and what I have learned.

So what does that mean for you?

Well the upside of it is that I have now got a beautiful extra side to my coaching and wellness business, where I can now share and teach others about the amazing benefits of including essential oils in their lives.

I share the life changing philosophies of Louise Hay AND teach you how use DoTERRA essential oils to support you to have more of the life you dream of.

So what is so great about using DoTERRA Essential oils?

Doterra Home Essentials Kit
DoTerra Home Essentials Kit

Remember how I said I was pretty skeptical about using oils? I come from a nursing background and so this stuff was kind of ‘woo woo’ in my book!

I am happy to say though, that I have been able to swallow my skepticism, as for me, using them has made all the difference in the world!

Learning to use these incredible oils has given me the power to support my emotional, physical and spiritual health and that of my family, naturally!

For me that is wonderful. Life certainly has changed.

Our Story

The most profound way using these oils has impacted my life is actually more about my daughter than me.

My girl (shes actually 32!) has high needs autism and bipolar type 2, which basically means that she has a very high degree of anxiety and stress in her life every single day, just getting through the day can be really hard on the not so good days.. which obviously can then transfer into my life as well.

I introduced her to essential oils by giving her a Peace Touch RollerĀ  to try.

Wow! for me this has become ‘Liquid gold” in our house. The effect on her really has really been amazing. It is calming and relaxing. I have seen her go from huge anxiety and 2 steps away from ‘meltdown’ ( imagine, red face, angry, tears, inability to think straight!) to calm and relaxed after using it.

Wow! it really has been amazing for her.

She now uses her oils in the same way as we previously used calming medication, daily, several times a day and at night for sleep, so for her it has been life changing.

For myself, I have found that using the oils in my own life has allowed me move forward to a better way of living. I am so delighted to have the ability to support myself and my family in a healthier and more natural way.

Just this last week, I have had a full blown head cold, which for me in the past has often led to bronchitis, and being unwell for at least a week.

I have been vigilant in using the immune boosting oils and ‘Easy Air’ and ‘On Guard’ and my diffuser have been my best friends. I can confidently say I am nearly over it, in a couple of days.. and no bronchitis.

Yay!! for me that is huge.

So, whats next?

Well, I am sharing my story and sharing ‘the oils’ so that others can get some of these gorgeous gifts in their lives.

Till next time

Stay well

Be happy

Julie x

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed in this blog are my own. I do not offer medical advice.I urge you to carry out your own your own research when deciding if using Essential oils are right for you and your family.

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